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It is all too easy to fall into these traps when selling.  Some of you may well have experienced these already; they will be painfully obvious and clear to you.  However, sometimes you may also be unaware that you have slipped up or missed some opportunities. There...

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ISMM courses now available

Not good at selling? Join our ISMM courses in sales & marketing.  Good at selling & want to prove it? Join our ISMM courses, starting April. Salient Sales & Training is proud to announce the opportunity for our clients to join Institute of Sales &...

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  ‘It is our choices...that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities’,   Dumbledore to Harry;  J.K. Rowling I talk to many companies and entrepreneurs about their business development.  Their needs and aspirations are quite varied, but common themes do...

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5 GOOD REASONS TO PRACTICE ‘THE FOLLOW-UP’                                                       / ‘FOLLOW-THROUGH’ / ‘FOLLOW-ON’ Whatever you call it, this is one of the most important activities in sales and marketing, in fact, in business as a whole. Whenever I...

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WHY IS SELLING INTO TECHNICAL MARKETS THAT MUCH MORE DIFFICULT AND COMPLICATED? I spent nearly 20 years selling various products and services into technical markets.  During this time I developed a ‘best practice’ sales process that could be applied to any business. ...

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5 Top Tips – contacting prospects

5 TOP TIPS:  Making contact with new prospects Many people find contacting the most difficult of all sales activities.  This is likely if we are 'cold-calling', but if we have manageable list (not so large that we cannot follow-up all the contacts made), and we have a...

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5 Top Tips: feeding the sales pipeline

5 TOP TIPS:  Feeding the sales pipeline. To avoid 'stop and start', 'feast and famine' sales, where an unplanned approach to marketing fails to attract a continuous stream of prospects or enquiries, here are 5 tips designed to help achieve sales continuity and a...

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